Accessing Total Balance

4 Week Course

Discover how to glide through all the roles you play as a wife and a mother who is a stay-at-home or working class woman, and how to create a beautiful life balanced in the 4 core areas of life.

Hi Beautiful Woman!

If you are at a place where every area of your life is balanced and you have no issues managing your time, the stress that you experience, your spiritual life, and your physical health… then this course is NOT for you.


  • You have ever complained bitterly about all the things you have to do, as a wife/mother.

  • You have woken up on some days exhausted from just the thoughts of the activities waiting for you, and you helplessly feel energy and happiness drain from you...

  • You used to have a fantastic social life, you used to be committed in church, you were fit BUT now you don’t have the time to exercise, rest or even eat well.

  • You don’t feel like you are performing optimally in your business and your spiritual life is not where you would like it to be.. You are probably feeling like this isn’t what you signed up for, and you want EVERYTHING TO CHANGE.

  • You crave for serenity and peace of mind. You don’t want any aspect to suffer in the 4 Core areas of your life:

    1. Your Mental health and life

    2. Your Social life

    3. Your Spiritual life

    4. Your Physical health and life

You see, being a mother and a wife is a true BLESSING!

You remember all the good memories (this status has given you) that you know money cannot buy?
And you know what else?
God wants us to prosper all-around according to 3 John 1 : 2 that clearly He wants us to prosper and be in good health, even as our souls prosper.
Don’t forget about Psalm 92:12 that tells you God wants YOU to flourish like a cedar in Lebanon! Doesn’t that makes you shout?
He wants every part of your life to flourish and He wants you to be happy and fulfilled. I also struggled with achieving a work-life balance and now I’m at a point where I use particular strategies that have helped and are helping me and many other women.

My name is Felicia Baugh.

I’m a wife, mother, minister, entrepreneur, and a ‘work-life balance’ beauty coach and mentor.

One day I had to come to grips with how I was feeling; overwhelmed, frustrated, burned out, burdened, stressed, and tired all of the time. All of the different hats that I was wearing everyday were getting the best of me. Finally, I realized that I needed to find a way to create balance in my life. So, I have experienced most of what you are currently experiencing, which is why I have gathered the strategies I use into a 4-week program to help YOU.

The Accessing Total Balance Course helps you achieve an all-around balance!

In 4 weeks of taking the Accessing Total Balance course, you will be equipped with strategies to juggle your responsibilities, assess your current life balance situation, develop an action plan to make changes, prioritize your days to remain true to your deepest desire, have peace, sanity and harmony, and love yourself completely for who you are! You will:

  • Discover how to keep your temple fit!

    You will know all over again the impact of your physical health on the rest of your life. You will transform your exercising, eating, and self care habits, and you will learn new ways to take care of your skin and your body, generally. Start glowing like the total woman that you are.

  • Enhance your walk with God.

    Here, you will start walking in virtue, balance, and purpose after you discover strategic ways to develop your prayer life, study habits, and practice a life of fasting and meditation even if you thought you just never had the time. I’ll show you creative ways to get into that quiet place.

  • Understand Stress management and start waking up excited every morning!

    You will know how to conquer overwhelming feelings, beat the monster called stress, organise your time well, plan your day and week effectively, and not get burned out. You will run your family and business smoothly and be your best!

  • Learn how to get your well deserved ‘Me time’.

    This week, you will see what mental health really is, and how you can take care of it. You will begin to feel renewed, revived, refreshed and empowered as you spend time with YOU. You will be able to discover your core values the more (what really matters to you).

At the end of each lesson, you have a worksheet that will help you evaluate where you are in that particular area, so that you take the right steps towards balancing it out and

...start flourishing as you desire to. You will also receive a special copy of the ‘My Self Care Planner” that will enable you to track your process in self care, thoughts, plans, actions, activities daily, and goals.

This is all for $97.00. Enroll for the program by clicking on the link below.

I can’t wait to have you inside. Hit the button and begin your journey to becoming a happy, balanced and fulfilled christian woman.